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Property Value BoiseEven if you're not planning to sell your home right away, it's a good idea to know how your actions affect your home's value long term. The updates you choose to do or not to do, or whether you do a repair now or put it off a while longer, can all impact how much you can sell your home for later on down the road. Here are 7 things that our real estate agents warn can decrease your property value.

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Millions of Dollars are Lost Each Year to Tax Scams

From Your Friends at Integrity Computer Consulting and Repair

The IRS provides a comprehensive list of things to look out for here:

However, we are noticing a new trend on the rise; fake tax websites that mimic or look similar to TurboTax, or other popular online tax filing services.   We are also seeing a rise in phishing emails and malicious pop-ups claiming to be from these well-known tax filing sites.

What can you do to protect yourself and your tax information?

  1. Make sure your computer is updated before starting and logging into any online tax service.
  2. Make sure your computer is clean before starting and logging into any online tax service. We recommend that you run malware removal software each time you login to any online tax program. (MalwareBytes is a free malware removal program that can be downloaded here: Select your operating system under the home section and install.)
  3. Do not visit a tax site from an email or advertisement on Google. Check the web address and make sure you are going to the correct site.  All tax sites have an SSL which means there is security on the site for logging in.  The address should always start with https:// Be cautious of any numbers, letters, or weird domain extensions in the web address.
  4. Do not click on any or call any numbers from popups that say they are from customer support.
  5. Be careful when calling for support, call the number from the tax filing website, not the ones from Google search results.
  6. When saving a copy of your tax return, password protect it. This can be done with Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader) or by putting it into a zip file. Or print and save a paper copy in a secure location.


Please call our office at 208-288-4345 or email us at if you have any questions or would like an appointment to help with any of the above.

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